Paper/Poster Format

Composition of the Research Article

        ● Preamble: Title / name of research topic; name & surname of the researcher(s) (principal researcher and research associate, if any); affiliation (department, faculty, university, city, province); email address of researcher.

        ● Abstract: Abstracts can be written in English or in Thai, and should cover the relevance, scope and objectives of the research, the research methods, data collection, equipment, instruments, samples examined, and a brief summary of the research findings.

Font size should be Cordia New 14 point, and abstracts should be no longer than 300 words (or 2,000 characters if written in Thai). The number of keywords is limited to a maximum of 3.


        Main Article: Should be written in Cordia New 14 point and the sequence of the research paper should be as follows:

          ● Introduction explains the importance of the research problem, provides context of related research, states the research hypotheses and the research objectives.

           ● Research Methods and Equipment describes the methods and techniques used.

          ● Results of the Study describes the results of the experiment, provides the data analysis results and the interpretation of those results. The presentation of the research results should follow the order of the research objectives and/or hypotheses.

          ● Discussion explains or interprets the research findings, clarifies them by introduction of supporting theoretical arguments and results from other studies, and analyzes whether the research findings are consistent with or in contradiction to the theories and findings of others.

          ● Conclusions and Recommendations summarizes the key findings of the research or study, and indicates the usefulness and potential application of the research results. It also provides recommendations for further research.

          ● Acknowledgements (if any) thanking those who have supported and cooperated in the research.

          ● References listing all the documents that were relied upon in writing the research paper, or acknowledging the sources of ideas and information from others.



          ● Typing: The paper should be formatted to A4 size, with black text on white unruled background. The font should be Cordia New throughout the paper, with text body at 14 point, title, name of the researcher and section headings in 16 point bold. Address and contact details of the researcher should be placed in a footnote with 12 point font size.

          ● Layout: Top and left margins should be 1.5” (3.81cm.), bottom and right margins 1” (2.54cm.). The first line of each paragraph should be indented 1” (2.54cm.) from the left margin, and there should be one blank line after each heading. Body text should be justified.

          ● Diagrams, Figure or Table: need to be numbered and captioned underneath the table or figure as follows:

                    Figure no. … (name of figure)

                    Table no. … (name of table)

          ● The total number of pages shall not exceed 8 pages of A4.

          ● References: Authors have to make sure that the references comply with the APA Style (American Psychological Association).

         Paper presenters (make sure that comply with the formatting requirements) are referred to use PAPER TEMPLATE. (THAI / ENGLISH)